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"What is causing my headache and numbness?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is causing my headache and numbness?


My headache gets worse when I bend to pick something up. Along with this my right eye gets blurry and my face gets numb and then tingly for a few hours


That is an excellent question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or other medical professional. It is difficult to ascertain the cause of your symptoms based upon the limited history provided as your age, gender, other medical comorbidities, and the length of these symptoms are very important in figuring out what the underlying cause of these headaches and numbness is. That being said, headaches that worsen with bending forward are concerning for increased intracranial pressure, or ICP because within the skull, there is only a fixed amount of space and brain tissue, spinal fluid and blood must all coincide within the cranial vault. If one of these compartments increases in size, there is little room to accommodate for this within the skull and people can have symptoms such as the ones you are describing. When this becomes severe, they can become lethargic, or even comatose depending on the level of increase pressure within the head. It is important that you be evaluated for these symptoms as soon as possible because if this is indeed the cause of your symptoms, your doctor will want further diagnostic tests and possible therapies to be performed to treat the increased pressure.

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