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"Could I possibly have had a miscarriage?"

ZocdocAnswersCould I possibly have had a miscarriage?


Hi, I had sex august 18. I always get my period the last week of each month sometimes the first week but never in the middle. I missed my period for the month of august. I started having mild cramps and sore boobs for two weeks. I felt a bit light headed and nauseous at times a lot of food grossed me out. we are now in sept. and I just got m period today its not light at all so I know its not implantation bleeding but its two weeks early. I don't know what to think maybe i'm stressing it and its my period that's just not regular this month.


It sounds as though there has been a lot on your mind recently. If you are concerned that you could be pregnant, the best place to start is with a visit to your primary care physician or gynecologist for an exam and a pregnancy test. If you had unprotected sex with a new partner, then in addition to being pregnant, you could also have been exposed to sexually transmitted infections. In order to protect yourself and your health, it is important to ensure that you are evaluated and that the question of whether or not you are pregnant is truly answered. It is certainly possible that you did become pregnant in August and that the bleeding you are having now is related to a developing pregnancy or possibly an early spontaneous pregnancy loss. Spontaneous pregnancy loss (or miscarriage) in the first trimester is quite common, so this is certainly possible. However, it is possible to still be pregnant and have vaginal bleeding that could be mistaken for menstruation, so you definitely want to have definitive blood work to make sure you know if you are pregnant or not. Also, it is important to make sure that you take precautions to prevent against unwanted pregnancy if you are sexually active, so a visit to your PCP or gynecologist can also be helpful to discuss the birth control options that might work best for you.

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