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"What could cause pain in lower abdomen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could cause pain in lower abdomen?


I had protected sex a week ago and we checked condom and it was full of semen. A day and a half later I started experiencing sharp pains in my abdomen for hours making it where I couldn't stand....what could this be I don't want to be pregnant im only 16


Thank you for your question and I recommend you speak with your primary care physician or local health center. Sharp lower abdominal pain can have many causes but the more specific list of possibilities depends on your age, past medical history, medications, allergies, family history, and environmental exposures. Important associated symptoms may include fever, nausea, bloating, burning on urination, increased frequency of urination, constipation and/or diarrhea. Having pain in your right lower abdomen may be a sign of appendicitis, inflammation and infection of your appendix. The appendix is a worm-shaped organ that is connected to your colon and can become inflamed if blocked by a piece of stool. Generalized lower abdominal pain may be due to an ovarian cyst, endometriosis, or mittelshmerz. You may have lower abdominal pain from being pregnant if you are sexually active. Lower abdominal pain can also be a manifestation of a urinary tract infection or a sexually transmitted illness. The pain you are experiencing could also be caused by something as seemingly benign as constipation. It is not possible to receive a diagnosis without being evaluated by a physician or other qualified health professional. I suggest that you make an appointment with your primary care physician or local health center to undergo a thorough history and physical examination to receive a diagnosis and potential management strategies.

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