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"I have a staph infection. Did the infection get into my jaw bone?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a staph infection. Did the infection get into my jaw bone?


one of the sores was on my jawline.It hascompletely healed but my jawline isextremely swollen.I also have one on my knee that drained a little a got smaller but is making no more progress. Also my eye is swollen


Sorry to hear about your condition and I recommend seeing a doctor about your symptoms. It is obviously difficult to tell you definitively whether or not your jaw is infected, but there are some general ideas that can be followed. In general, if you have increased swelling, warmth, tenderness, redness or any loss in the normal function of an area, you can likely trace this to some sort of inflammation. There are many different causes of inflammation, one of which can be infection. If you had an area of known infection that is over the top of an area that appears to be having any of those symptoms of infection currently, or is otherwise closely related to it, it is reasonable to be concerned about there being a new infection, perhaps deeper than the first. There are obviously many other possible answers as well, but speaking with a doctor should be able to help you identify what is causing your symptoms. Regardless, it appears that you have other lesions that need to be examined by a doctor, and so you should speak with your doctor about your symptoms to make sure that you are healing appropriately. Some people can become colonized with bacteria as well. Please speak with your doctor.

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