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"I have had stomach cramps since about noon today. I feel really sick, what could it be?"


I have had stomach cramps since about noon today. It feels like I'm hungry but I'm not cause I had already eaten. Its progessively gotten worse and I've procided to experience nausea and severe over heating. I've also felt that I had to puke several times but it never happens. I thought it could be the stress and anxiety from waiting on my test scores for a test I just took today but I feel like it might be more than that.


You have stomach cramps that occur acutely. You have nausea and are possibly experiencing a fever. Stomach cramps are a common complaint and could be caused by a number of things.

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Stress can cause stomach cramps. When your body is stressed, it releases a stress response that causes an elevated heart rate such as when you are running away from danger. This can cause the stomach to cramp up; however, it should go away when you are calm. You mention the possibility of fever as well. The causes could be a gastroenteritis which is an infection of the stomach. You could have eaten some harmful bacteria that could be causing your stomach to hurt. You could have also ingested some toxin that is causing the same symptoms. Usually, it could accompany diarrhea afterwards, but not necessarily. You should make an appointment with your primary care doctor to get some help. If you cannot eat or drink fluids, you should go to your local emergency room. They can start an IV and give you more fluids. The other possibility is gastritis which is inflammation of the stomach. If you have any bloody vomit or dark stool, you should also let your doctor know.

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