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"While you are on Suboxone treatment, do you have to stay on it?"

ZocdocAnswersWhile you are on Suboxone treatment, do you have to stay on it?


I just received insurance from Aetna and I have read that they have a policy regarding Suboxone. I have read different things and I am confused so here are my questions. To receive the Suboxone help can you already be taking Suboxone or do you have to be at the time still taking only opiates to be eligible? I heard if you tell the doctor you just started taking the Subs, then you are not eligible for their Suboxone. Last question is while on the treatment what do you have to do to stay on it? I heard that you have to go to in house treatment classes?


This is a great question for your insurance provider, as each policy is different. A well placed phone call will likely get you the information that you need, although we all have experience calling insurance companies and getting frustrated with their lack of qualified assistance. Your doctor may also be able to help with this problem, either by asking someone in his or her office to help call or by knowing the policy well if he or she has other patients who use the same plan. Make sure you follow all instructions and the prescription carefully, as instructed by your doctor. Please speak with your doctor about this question, and good luck getting the answers and the coverage you need.

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