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"What could be a burning pain near navel?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be a burning pain near navel?


I had a hernia op last year due to a burning sensation near my navel and on my side next to my navel. Its now been over a year and a half and still have the pain. Been to a specialist and he sent me for a ct scan. I cant speak for long periods or shout ( Im a teacher ) . I cant sit for more than 10min . So driving is a no no. What could be causing this pain. I take painkillers almost everyday and hot bean bag seems to ease the pain . Please help. Thanks.


Thank you for your question, and so sorry to hear about your continued pain. There are a few different things that will be needed to help you find the answer to your question, as there are a few different options of what this could be. So it is important to speak with your surgeon. The first thing that comes to mind is that your hernia could be causing you continued pain. This could be either due to a persistent hernia, previous nerve damage, damage to the nerves caused during surgery, or the repair method itself. More information about the quality and characteristics of your pain could help in this regard. Also, the fact that your symptoms are worse with strain suggests this as a possibility. Your surgeon or another surgeon would likely be the best source of information to answer that question in that regard. Another possible solution is that it could be something else. While the burning quality that you describe could be due to a hernia, other injuries and problems in the GI tract can present in the same or similar manners. One example of this could be some sort of ulcer. Clues about whether or not this is an ulcer would be if your symptoms seem to be associated with eating. Please speak with your surgeon.

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