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"How can I fix saggy breasts?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I fix saggy breasts?


My breasts are saggy and deflated after breastfeeding. They were dd before my first pregnancy then went down to c and went up d with my second pregnancy and now are down to a small c. i used the stratchmark cream with elastin and collegian throughout both of them. Now what used to be big perky breasts are small squishy saggy stretchy bags of sand... Is there a way to just fill out the skin? with surgery being a last resort


That is a great question and one that is best answered by your primary care doctor or a doctor specializing in enhancement surgery such as a plastic surgeon. There are not many options with regards to treatment of this that do not involve some sort of procedure, and the options that are available have some questionable efficacy with regards to how long they work and how well they work. If you are concerned about the changes in your breasts, then it is advisable that you discuss this with a plastic surgeon who can tell you all the latest advancements in breast augmentation. That being said, it is also important to consider why you want breast enhancement and whether this is for yourself and your body image, or for other people, such as society or a spouse or significant other. If it is for yourself and something that you want, then of course this is an option. On the other hand, if you are doing this solely for other people's benefit, it is important to decide if that is worth it to you because surgery involves risks and do you want to undergo those risks or accept the normal changes that occur after pregnancy. Please see you doctor to discuss these questions further.

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