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"What are these large dark boils in my crotch area?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are these large dark boils in my crotch area?


Hello. I am a overweight and do a lot of sitting throughout the day. I often get large pimples on the inside of my thighs close to the groin area but they go away. I had a large dark pimple on the inside of my right thigh for a couple of days that never formed a head. I then noticed another, larger on on my left leg directly opposite from the first. It almost seemed like it spread from the right leg to the left. This one a is a lot larger but also a lot softer than the original one. It is very dark in color and has not formed a hear. i then noticed a large bump in the crease between my right leg and my crotch that is pretty large in size but a lot softer than the original. I've had large "pimples" in this area before but never at the same time have I had so many large ones. It has been a few days and heads have not formed. Should I wait it out or go see someone?


Thank you for your question. Please go to see a doctor immediately. These small lesions in your skin can become infected with the many bacteria that are present in these different parts of your body. These infections can become life threatening and require surgery to clean away the tissue that has become infected. In some severe cases, this can even present as a type of gangrene that can be specific to this part of your body. The difficulty with this sort of infection is the fact that it is difficult to clean them properly so that they can heal without just having the infection go deeper and deeper. Often, people will require help to clean them properly, especially at the beginning and especially if they are overweight. Special positioning may also be necessary to make sure that pressure does not add to the problem. Please speak with your doctor about your question or go to the emergency department immediately.

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