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"Is snorting down and coughing up a big yellow bloody mucus something to be really worried about?"

ZocdocAnswersIs snorting down and coughing up a big yellow bloody mucus something to be really worried about?


I am a 23 years old female who is rarely sick. This week I felt ill, I had body aches, chills and heat waves, minor throat irritation and no fever at all and no coughs . I have been having some trouble properly swallowing and breathing threw the mouth and nose. Last night I felt that annoying mucus blocking nose feeling so I tried to blow it out but could not, finally I had to snort it down ( push it back to the back of my throat) and spat it out instantly, it was a large light brown-red-yellow ball and when I spread it to take a closer look there was blood in it. I can breathe much better now and I started to regain to strengh this morning, however it worries me that there was blood in there...


Sorry to hear about you not feeling well, and am glad to hear that you feel somewhat better. Upper respiratory tract infections can often lead to a feeling of general unwellness, which is exacerbated by increased nasal drainage, congestion, and discomfort. Additionally, it is not uncommon for the ears to feel clogged and even for hearing to decrease in the setting of this sort of infection. The key thing is to work with your doctor if things do not improve in a timely fashion. With regards to blood in your mucous, it is not uncommon for there to be small traces of blood in the mucosal discharge during times of infection. The nasal airways are very well supplied with blood vessels, and the lining of the skin can be quite thin. Together, this can make them prone to bleeding in small amounts. This should not be common, and should not persist. Many other things can also cause the symptoms that you are describing, and it is therefore important to speak with your doctor about your symptoms in more detail. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns.

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