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"Could I be pregnant without having sex?"

ZocdocAnswersCould I be pregnant without having sex?


Hi I am a terrified 18 year old girl desperately seeking for opinions. I am late for my period for about 16 days now. I used to be irregular in my periods but ever since I hit 18 it was regular till now. I never had sex. But about a month and a half ago my bf n I had oral sex. I was shocked by the semen in my mouth so I pull his penis out of my mouth and the semen got shooted onto my face, hair and chest. I immediately spit out and wash all the parts of my body that got the semen. I was wearing 3 layers that time (skirt, inner shorts, underwear) so I wasn't naked below. And also that day was my third day of period. I am really panicking now whether or not the semen could actually be washed to the bottom and it enters my vagina. But yet again I was having period that time. So question is, could I be pregnant? Or its another reason for me being late?


It is highly unlikely that you are pregnant, but I recommend speaking with your OB-GYN who can examine you. The sperm were likely dead when they hit your clothes and the semen had dried out. Furthermore, the sperm in the semen survive in a very special environment. They are delicate to temperature and pH conditions. Saliva would have killed them. Although a missed menstrual period is a sign of an early pregnancy, it can be due to a number of factors including both physical and emotional conditions. For instance, although your cycle is usually like clockwork, this month perhaps you ovulated a little later than normal for a number of reasons including some hormonal, and this has caused your period to come later than you expected. If you were under a lot of stress, it could also interfere with your body's hormonal balance to cause you a delayed or missed period. If at the time you would normally ovulate you felt very stressed or anxious, than that could delay your ovulation and your period or can even cause you to miss that period altogether. If you are concerned with the possibility of become pregnant, I would suggest that you speak with your OB-GYN who can perform a physical examination to rule it out and give you peace of mind. You may also want to ask your doctor more in details about sexual transmission diseases as well as about birth control to prevent pregnancy.

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