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"My stool color is reddish brown. Could eating watermelon affect the color of my stool? "

ZocdocAnswersMy stool color is reddish brown. Could eating watermelon affect the color of my stool?


I'm 58 black female no family history of colon cancer, I'm diabetic(metformtin 2x daily) hyper(bp)neuropathy(early diagnosis )been eating excessive amount of watermelon daily


There are some foods that can cause reddish stool; however, watermelon should not drastically change your stool to a reddish color. You mentioned that you have no family history of colon cancer. You are also a woman over the age of 50. Based on your profile, you should have a colonoscopy after the age of 50 to ensure that your colon is in good health. You mentioned that you have red stool which is concerning for blood. You should see your physician to have it checked out. They could do a simple test called a guaic test where they take a stool sample and place it on a card with a specific dye. The results take only a few minutes and they could tell you whether your reddish stool is blood or not. If it is blood, your physician will have to do the full workup for gastrointestinal bleeding, which include lab work, colonoscopy, and possible upper endoscopy. Blood in stool is not always red. Blood can be digested by your GI system and turn stool into a pitch black color. Medications such a Fe supplements can also turn stool black so it doesn't automatically mean there is blood. Based on your profile and your red stool, you should see your physician and ask about a colonoscopy if you haven't had one since turning 50.

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