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"What doctor does my father need?"


He has copd and had bypass surgery last september and is getting much worse.


It sounds to me that your father needs not one but a team of doctors all working together to make sure that all of his health issues are taken care of. The center part of the team is a good internal medicine physician (internist). This type of doctor is an expert in all things adult health and is not afraid to take care of people with real health problems.

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They are able to think about the whole patient and all of their problems. In addition, you father should see a cardiologist because of his coronary artery disease. This doctor will focus on making sure that his medical regimen for his heart is optimized. This doctor might oversee routine stress tests if indicated. He should also consider seeing a pulmonologist for this COPD. This type of doctor will make sure that he is on the right inhalers and monitor his lung function with periodic pulmonary function tests. I would suggest that your doctor first consult with the internal medicine physician. From there your dad can get referrals to the other two doctors. This way all 3 are in communicate at least through the internal medicine doctor who can act as his primary care physician. I hope your dat starts to get better.

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