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"My breasts are very sore and one side is lactating. Is it possible that I'm pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersMy breasts are very sore and one side is lactating. Is it possible that I'm pregnant?


My Breath have been Hurting for 5 Days Already an Has Gotten wores Each Day.


I am sorry you are experiencing these symptoms. I encourage you to consult your primary care doctor or gynecologist to make sure this is not a serious condition. In general, several hormones control breast milk production. These include estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. During pregnancy, your body's natural response is to begin lactation. This often causes growth of breast tissue, and the breasts can become engorged with milk. This can cause discomfort as well as spontaneous lactation. Given these findings, I encourage you to skip a home pregnancy test and consult your doctor for a more definitive test, as pregnancy can certainly cause your symptoms. Certain medications can cause lactation, and it is impossible to know if this is the cause without knowing your full medical history. In addition, certain breast tumors can cause lactation, especially of just one breast. As such, it is critical that your doctor evaluate you in person. A typical evaluation consists of a thorough history and physical exam, including a breast exam. Depending on your overall history and the results of this evaluation, you may need to undergo blood testing to measure various hormones, a highly sensitive pregnancy test, breast ultrasound, or mammogram. Abnormalities of your thyroid gland can also cause lactation, so you may need a blood test to evaluate this, as well.

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