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"What could be the cause of my very irregular period?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be the cause of my very irregular period?


im sixteen about 140 lbs about five seven, and ive only gotten my period about five times. i started it the first week in august 2011 i didnt get it again until the first week of august 2012.. after that it was regular until about november, i am sexually active, but i do use protection and we make sure that the condom isnt broken after intercourse, i dont take any regular medications, i have had uti symptoms a couple diffrent times.. and i am going to the doctor the first week of next month to figure out why, i just want to know what to expect and what other doctors think. Thanks!


Thank you for your question. Irregularities in the menstrual cycle can have many different causes and it is important to speak with a doctor. Obviously, one of the first things that your doctor will ask is about your sexual activity and whether or not you could be pregnant. He or she will quite possibly obtain a pregnancy test as well. He or she will also spend some time discussing safe sex habits. Then, he or she will discuss your overall health, including your weight and any chronic diseases. While not understood by everyone, weight can play a large role in the hormonal control of the menstrual cycle because of other changes to the hormones and the interactions between the fat cells and some of the hormones. Next, the doctor will likely determine if you have any intermittent conditions such as pelvic diseases or even sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). These can have many effects on sexual health, and even lead to problems with fertility in the future. Finally, he or she will ask about your family history, as some of these things can be genetic. Depending on the results of these conversations and potential tests, your doctor may have some ideas to explain the cause of your menstrual irregularities. Please speak with your doctor.

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