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"What does a microalbumin/creatinine result 620.9 mean?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does a microalbumin/creatinine result 620.9 mean?


Does he have kidney disease? My husband had a urine culture done and his results were 620.9 microalbumin/creatinine. He is diabetic.


I recommend discussing this result with your husband's doctor. As you both probably know, diabetes is associated with progressive damage to the kidneys. One of the earlier signs of this damage is leaking of protein in the urine. A screening test that is often used to detect this is measurement of the microalbumin to creatinine ratio in the urine. Albumin is one type of protein that can leak into the urine, and measuring microalbumin is a useful way of detecting kidney damage before it is too far advanced. Generally speaking, a diabetic patient is classified as having moderate protein leakage into the urine if they have a microalbumin to creatinine ratio between 30 and 300. The fact that your husband has a ratio of more than 600 suggest that he actually has a fair amount of protein leakage, and this is definitely something that should be followed up on with the doctor who is taking care of his diabetes. The general approach to protein leakage into the urine in this setting is, first, to confirm the measurement with a repeat test. Also, other conditions like a urine infection may temporarily elevate the urine protein. Once the diagnosis is confirmed, most patients are started on a class of medications called ACE inhibitors to protect the kidneys. Please call and talk with your husband's doctor today!

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