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"Can I undo my vasectomy?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I undo my vasectomy?


I had a Vasectomy over 12 years ago, can I have it returned? I was a very young father of 2 times twins, so I had a vasectomy done. My son's are all grown now and I remarried. I am just 36, what can I do so me and my wife can have a Baby together?


Thank you very much for your question. I would recommend that you consult with your urologist or general surgeon for further information and definitive counseling, but here is some information that will hopefully be useful. As you were likely told at the time of vasectomy, it is a procedure that is intended to create permanent sterility. However, vasectomy does not diminish the body's ability to produce functional sperm. Therefore it is possible to undergo a vasectomy reversal procedure. This is typically done using advanced microsurgical techniques to reattach the tubes of the vas deferens (the reproductive tract through which sperm travels). The success rates of vasectomy reversal depend primarily on two factors: (1) method of vasectomy, and (2) amount of time between vasectomy and attempted reversal. For example, according to the data that we have on this subject, men who had their vasectomy reversed within 3 years had a 95% success rate in terms of reappearance of sperm in the ejaculate. For those men who had a reversal after 15 years, this success rate dropped to approximately 70%. Importantly, the rates of pregnancy in these two groups were 75% and 30%, respectively. As mentioned above, I would recommend that you consult with a urologist or general surgeon for further information. Good luck!

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