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"Could I have a STD?"

ZocdocAnswersCould I have a STD?


I'm a female, I had unprotected oral sex with a guy about a week and a half ago, condom was used for intercourse, but not for oral. He didn't do oral on me, I did oral on him for like 10 mins, he partly came in my mouth, but I immediately spit it out. Now I'm scared of having caught any stds, such as warts, herpes, or even worse hiv. I noticed today 4 white looking semi there painless bumps on my pubic area, where I shave. I remember having seen something like that a few times before when I shave, so I don't know if is part of the shaving or something else. I shaved two and a half weeks ago I think? So hair has already started to grow back, and I usually experience some itching in my pubic area every now and then, nothing has come up before due to that.


Thank you for your question regarding STDs. If you were using protection during vaginal intercourse, it is unlikely that the bumps you are seeing in the pubic region are caused by an STD. However, you are right to be concerned that you may have acquired an STD through oral sex. So I recommend that you visit your doctor for an examination. During oral sex, there are some STDs that are more likely to be transmitted than others and they include herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and HPV. HPV is the virus which causes genital warts. It can also be responsible for causing cancers of the mouth, such as of the throat, tonsils, tongue. It is possible that HIV could be transmitted through oral sex through semen or open wounds. For example, the virus can be transmitted through an open cut on the penis which can then allow the virus to enter into the mouth of the person performing oral sex. For these reasons, it is best to stay protected during oral sex with a condom or dental dam. Most of these STDs, if transmitted orally, would stay localized to the mouth (with the exception of HIV). Herpes can be transmitted via the oral-genital route, although you mention that cunnilingus was not performed on you so this is less likely to be the source for the bumps that you see. It is more likely that these bumps are, as you say, due to poor shaving of the region. I would encourage you to visit your doctor who can perform a physical examination and tell you for sure.

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