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"Is 100/58 normal for blood pressure? "

ZocdocAnswersIs 100/58 normal for blood pressure?


I am a 22 year old female


In general, we consider any blood pressure less than 120/80 and greater than 90 in systolic or top number pressure to be normal. Therefore this blood pressure that you have seems to be normal to me, though it is important to be monitored by your primary care physician. Some people think that having a blood pressure less than 120/80 such as yours is abnormally low. This is in fact not true. There are many people that have blood pressures of 90/40 or something similar that are completely normal. People that have these "lower" blood pressures are actually probably healthier when it comes to the cardiovascular standpoint than those with a blood pressure of 120/80. Probably the high salt diet that we have in our modern food contributes to this blood pressure average of being higher than what it might be if we eat foods that our ancestors ate. The doctor that is best suited to monitor your blood pressure when it is in this normal range is your primary care physician. He or she can take your blood pressure once every six months or once year depending on how often you decide to have an appointment with him or her. If your blood pressure stays in this range, your doctor will likely consider you to be healthy from a blood pressure standpoint.

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