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"Could lack of menstrual cycle be due to cervical scarring?"

ZocdocAnswersCould lack of menstrual cycle be due to cervical scarring?


I had a temporary cerclage put in for my pregnancy, my son is now 20 months old and i still have not had a menstrual cycle. i breastfed for 11.5 months. i am now experiencing moderate to severe abdominal pain where my ovaries are located... could this be scarring on my cervix causing lack of menstruation?


Sorry to hear about your pain, and this is something that you should discuss with your doctor soon to make sure that you are well. There are many potential reasons to not begin your menstrual cycle fully since giving birth. Breastfeeding is one obvious explanation, as this will prevent many of the hormones that regulate this cycle and moderate others, resulting in a lack of a menstrual cycle for many people. This is why breast feeding has been considered by some as a type of birth control (although doctors will not advise that this should be used as the primary and only means of birth control if you are trying to avoid pregnancy). Now that you have not been breast feeding for the better part of a year, it would be expected that your menstrual cycle should have resumed. When it has not resumed and you are also having abdominal pain, it is something that should be discussed with your doctor. While cervical scarring is one possible explanation for your pain and lack of a cycle, there are others as well, including hormonal irregularities, stress, diet, and multiple other factors. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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