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"Typhoid hasn't gotten better after 20 days, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersTyphoid hasn't gotten better after 20 days, what should I do?


In starting suffered from fever 101-102 with lil fatigue. After 3 days went to doc and get checked. Doc recomended sum tests one fr typhoid n malaria. Typhoid was positive so recomended dose for 8 days. He had complete medcne and rest fr 8 days n home food. Then after 11 days went to ofice again feeling chils and feverish and weakness. Today again visited doc. After daignos asked fr anoder test reagarding typhoid and said its still persisting. Injections de sakte hai ya again medication. Plz advice wat shud b done. No other sympton. Lower abdomen pain dat too just in earlier one two day but nuth after having medcnes not evn fever that can b felt but on thermometr its 102.


I can't completely address all the elements of your question, because there are some components that are not completely clear, for example the type of medications that you have been taking. I recommend that you speak with an infectious disease doctor as soon as possible. That being said, generally speaking typhoid fever can be a very serious illness, and the fact that you have had ongoing symptoms now for about 2 weeks or more is concerning and requires further investigation. The first consideration, however, would be I think making sure that the diagnosis is correct. It is not clear from your question what country you are in, but one common test for diagnosing typhoid (the Widal test) may be inaccurate in the setting of prior infections and may trick doctors and patients into thinking that they are dealing with typhoid rather than another condition. The second consideration, especially if the typhoid diagnosis was confirmed by a culture of the responsible bacteria, is making sure that you are not dealing with a strain of the bacteria that is resistant to common antibiotics. This is a very common cause of treatment failure in many parts of the world these days. In order to sort out these issues, I think it would be best to consult with an infectious disease doctor as soon as possible. If the symptoms severity worsens, it might be best to seek expedited treatment in the closest hospital.

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