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"What could be a spot on my face?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be a spot on my face?


Hi doctor, I am having a small circle on my cheek about half an inch. Before it was small but now it became big and gave me a big worry. One doctor told me to use Ardene sunblock cream but it was of no use 60 SPF anti UVA. My skin is dry . Please say me some medicine.


Thanks for your question, sorry to hear about your problem. Skin lesions, or spots, are difficult to diagnose and treat appropriately without more information. The reason is that the skin is often a manifestation of something else that is happening inside, rather than a problem that is isolated to itself. For example, many people can have skin findings that are representative of a weakened immune system or a vitamin deficiency, which are things that cannot be fully treated just with a skin cream or ointment. For these reasons, it is important to speak with a doctor about your questions and then have regular follow up until you get the results that you need. Sometimes it may feel like doctors do not come to the right answer on the first try, which is certainly true. In these cases, continued follow up allows the doctor to exclude other possibilities and ultimately arrive at the treatment that you need to be well again. The fact that your spot is growing does sound concerning, as there are some skin cancers and other tumors that need treatment sooner rather than later. There are many other explanations as well. Please speak with your doctor again about your question.

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