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"Should I be worried about my 2-year-old's lymph nodes?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I be worried about my 2-year-old's lymph nodes?


I have a 2 year old he has 2 lymph nodes that are bigger than the rest, the first one has been there for more than 2 months, same size (aboul 1,5 cm) the other one I´ve just noticed it yesterday (a littler bigger than the other but less superficial) they are both movable and soft, He has lots of other tiny nodes in his neck. thx


This is an interesting question. While all of us have lymph nodes, it is unusual for these to be larger than 1 cm, and in general it is best to have these examined by a doctor. While time can be a good indicator of a favorable prognosis, there are many diseases that can have a slowly prolonged course and still be serious. Many different things can cause a neck swelling, some of which are infections, benign growths, and things that are much more serious. Without a physical examination, it is impossible to suggest a possible diagnosis. Certainly it is appropriate to have your child examined by a doctor as soon as possible. An ear nose and throat surgeon (AKA otolaryngology-head and neck surgeon or ENT) may be an excellent first choice for a visit, given his or her experience and training with neck masses. Your primary care doctor may also be able to triage the type of swelling that you are describing. Whichever doctor you visit, they will ask questions about what other symptoms may be present, as well as a history of infections, travel, and even what animals and guests you are around. Please speak with your doctor soon about your question.

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