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"What can I expect at my oncology appointment?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat can I expect at my oncology appointment?


I am a 38 year old female. I recently had an appointment with my primary care physician for an ongoing mentstrual cycle lasting over 6 months. During routine blood work it was found my platelet level was at 610. One week later after repeat blood work my level was at 685. I have a referral to both a gynecologist and an oncologist. What should I expect at my oncology appointment?


Sorry to hear about your concerns and it is important to discuss them with your doctor. Oncology is a word that is used to refer to surgeons who treat tumors. In common usage, this can often have to do with cancer, but it is more precisely used to denote a surgeon or medical doctor who treats tumors (or growths/swellings) of all types. Obviously, menstrual cycles should not persist for such a long time in most people. For that reason, your doctor is sending you to a specialist who is well trained to analyze what might be causing this problem. While there are many potential causes, you should know that when you see an oncologist, you are seeing a specialist who is trained specifically to treat the type of condition that you are thought to have. He or she will usually have received advanced training in not only the treatment of the condition that you may have, but will also often know how to treat the people who are involved. He or she will hopefully take the time that you need to answer your questions, and also be able to recommend further testing as needed. Additionally, oncologists are often able to help patients integrate into a community of patients who need treatment for similar conditions, which can provide support. Please speak with your doctor, and good luck!

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