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" How can we assist a past stroke victim with depression on getting his life back?"

ZocdocAnswers How can we assist a past stroke victim with depression on getting his life back?


My friend is a 49 year old who had a stroke at 43years old. He had right sided hemiplegia and had some memory loss especially during the time prior to the stroke. He was a practicing Obs and Gynae registrar at the time. He has not been able to return to his job due to his lack of fine motor skills on the right side. He is now adamant that he would like to do something in his field again.


That is an excellent question and it is very admirable that you would like to help your friend with these issues that he is having. Although you are an excellent friend to want to help him, it is advisable that he is evaluated by a stroke specialist, primary care physician, or psychiatrist to evaluate your concerns for depression. To help him with his fine motor skills, his physician may suggest that he be evaluated and treated by an occupational therapist or physical therapist. Patients oftentimes can have depression after strokes and so you are helping him by being available and talking to him about the concerns and issues that he is having. At the same time, sometimes depression can be very serious and so it is important that he is evaluated by a medical professional. Patients can often have some improvement as time goes by after stroke and hopefully that is what happens with your friend. The fact that he had a stroke at such a young age is also concerning and hopefully he has been evaluated by a medical professional with regards to this, as there are several causes for strokes at young ages, such as family history and smoking and hopefully he is being counseled on how to decrease his risk of stroke in the future.

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