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"Could I have appendicitis?"

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I've had a kidney infection for which I was given antibiotics. My urine test today is clear - but I severe lower back ache and when I push my right side of my lower abdomen it is sore. I'm a little nauseas. My lower right abdomen has an odd feeling inside of being swollen or stiff. It's really hard to describe. Could I have appendicitus.


It is difficult for me to tell for sure, but appendicitis is on the list of possibilities. The best thing to do is to be evaluated by a physician. Appendicitis is an infection of the appendix, a small out-pouching of the colon in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen. The typical symptoms include abdominal pain that typically starts around the belly button and moves to the right side in the lower area. The pain is often accompanied by tenderness of the abdomen along with nausea, loss of appetite and fevers. Other conditions such as a bad bladder infection or lower urinary tract infection can be mistaken for appendicitis. Pyelonephritis which is a upper urinary tract infection can cause right or left flank pain that can look like appendicitis. If you are female, this area also contains the right ovary. An infected ovarian cyst or other problem can certainly cause pain in this area. A low back ache is not typically a symptom of appendicitis. Appendicitis is typically diagnosed in an emergency department and with the assistance of a CT scan. If positive, or if symptoms are severe, then it gets treated with surgical removal of the appendix. I suggest that if you experience these symptoms as above or in the future, that you report to your closest emergency department. Appendicitis is a medical emergency. Please speak to your doctor.

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