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"I am suffering from cough with chest heaviness and no blood sign. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI am suffering from cough with chest heaviness and no blood sign. What could it be?


I am suffering from cough since 2009. I feel heaviness in chest and weakness. Cough comes out from mouth only with white/colorless mucus. It does not contain blood. I do not feel shortness in chest. Please tell me about the disease and it's treatment.


All I can tell from your description is that you have a chronic cough, so it's important to see a pulmonologist. This is the type of cough that comes and stays and does not go away like a typical cough from an upper respiratory tract infection does. A chronic cough can be due to many different things. The first question I have for you is whether or not you are a smoker. If your smoker, then the cough can simply be due to the natural effect of cigarettes. If you have been a long-term smoker, then you may have developed chronic bronchitis which is a common condition in people that have smoked for many years. Patients with chronic bronchitis typically have a cough at least three months out of the year that often produces bland sputum. Other causes of cough include asthma, acid reflux, and a class of medications called ACE inhibitors. If you're taking an ACE inhibitor, you have acid reflux or asthma then these conditions need to be looked at closer to see if they can be controlled in a better way. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with the pulmonologist. This is a specialist that can help determine why you're having this cough. You may need a chest x-ray and potentially a chest CT depending on your past history.

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