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"Did I have a stroke?"

ZocdocAnswersDid I have a stroke?


I took some drugs, my friend was being kicked by a man in a hotel room which prompted me to scream and run out the room, once I saw the light of the hallway I fell to the floor and started seizing. For the following 3 days I could not control my face muscles and I felt like I couldn't do anything for myself.


Thanks for your question. This is a somewhat difficult question to answer without more information, so it is important to speak with a neurologist. There are many things that can happen in traumatic situations such as what you experienced. Certainly, some of your symptoms are concerning for a stroke, such as the fact that you were unable to move your face for several days, and seemed to be restricted in some of your activities of daily living. In other ways, however, it is hard to say for sure that you did experience a true cerebral infarct, or cerebro-vascular accident. The fact that all of your symptoms apparently resolved after 72 hours is not completely consistent with a true stroke. For that reason it is possible that there may be more to the story. Regardless of what was the original cause of your symptoms, you will need to discuss this in detail with a neurologist. A neurologist will be able to ask you specific questions regarding what happened and be able to provide further testing and imaging as needed to make sure that you are safe in the future. Additionally, you may need to speak with your doctor about getting help to make sure that you are safe. Please speak with your doctor.

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