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"Could it be skin cancer? "

ZocdocAnswersCould it be skin cancer?


So my mother has a terrible crater in her back I believe it maybe be skin cancer. It's gotten bigger now and has more colors in it such as yellows and reds. The middle of it bleeds every now and then and its always mushy looking it never scabs over. There now more spots appearing on her body. Could it have reached her blood stream and is this by any chance skin cancer? And what are the symptoms?


This is a very concerning story, and she needs to be seen by a doctor immediately. Any wound that does not heal in an appropriate amount of time should be considered concerning, and will likely need to be biopsied in order to ensure that it is not cancer of some sort. The fact that it bleeds intermittently is also concerning, so please take her to a doctor as soon as possible. The reason that cancer doesn't heal regularly is that the new cells that are being formed by the cancer tend to not have the ability to heal, and so they will bleed, scab, crust, and then repeat the cycle indefinitely. As to whether or not this is a cancer, and whether or not it has reached the blood stream, those questions would be impossible to answer without more information. If she has had weight loss, lumps or bumps elsewhere, fatigue, or other changes that are concerning, then these could possibly be signs that something has spread from one body part to involve others. This would then likely represent an aggressive problem that requires more invasive treatment. For that reason, please take your mother to a doctor immediately for evaluation.

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