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"I have high CRP, sed rate westergren and smudge cell levels. What could that be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have high CRP, sed rate westergren and smudge cell levels. What could that be?


I was treated for MRSA after a knee surgery last september and was on antibiotics for 6 weeks.


I think that the answer to this question depends somewhat on when the CRP and ESR (sed rate) were obtained, so it is important to discuss this with your doctor. If they were obtained while you are being treated for this infection or perhaps shortly after, then these elevated blood tests are probably related directly to the infection. CRP and ESR are both tests that look at the level of inflammation in your blood. The level of inflammation in your blood can be affected by many different things but probably the most common is infection. A MRSA infection of the knee is a big deal and would be expected to produce quite a bit of inflammation resulting in extremely elevated CRP and ESR. Now if these values were obtained quite a bit of time after the infection was resolved, then that means that they might be related to something else. It could be that you have residual infection perhaps the bone which can cause these values to be high. In addition, it might be that you have some other condition ongoing such as an inflammatory joint disease. I would start by scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician for evaluation. Your doctor will be will look at these blood values and when they were taken which will allow for proper interpretation.

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