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"What are normal vitamin B12, vitamin D and folate levels?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are normal vitamin B12, vitamin D and folate levels?


what should my vitamin B12, D and folate levels be


Each of these levels will depend based on which lab you use, so the best thing to do is to discuss this with your doctor. Each lab is required to calibrate their labs to determine what a normal level should be by testing a certain number of volunteers. By definition, normal includes the middle 95% of values that the lab obtains. Anyone above or below that percent is defined as abnormal, meaning that 2.5% will have values that are too high and 2.5% will have values that are too low. (There are likely some exceptions to this rule, but in general most labs will obtain their values of normal by using some iteration of the steps above, which have obviously been oversimplified in this answer). You can see the obvious problems with lab work when you understand how "normal" values are calculated. In most instances, the "normal" value has nothing to do with any medical problems, and instead merely provides a reference to you and your doctor that your levels of vitamin x are high or low relative to other people. It therefore has to be taken in context of your overall health and the concerns that you and your doctor have. Please speak with your doctor for more information about this.

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