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"Is there a disease connected to compulsive lying? Can I stop?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a disease connected to compulsive lying? Can I stop?


Is there a disease for living in your head which is connected to compulsive lying. I do not know how much I messed up. I have lied to everyone in my life. Most often I lie about something that is actually bad. Such as, someone dying dramatically. It's not just a pity lie though I create these aleborate stories and memories with these characters. I am able to cry over them I feel the pain of it all. I can't stop. I try and try again, but I can't. It would give me some closure to know there is a reason why I do this. It's a battle between my brain of what is the truth and what isn't. I have been doing it for as long as I can remember.


Yes, there are conditions that can make people more prone to telling stories that are not true, and even coming to believe that what they have made up is true. Fortunately, there are also therapies that are able to help these people overcome this compulsion. As you have noted, this sort of behavior can be detrimental to your overall ability to successfully cope in society, and so seeking the help of a licensed health practitioner will be imperative to help you recover from your problem. A psychologist would likely be able to help you to some degree, but an initial visit to a psychiatrist may be an excellent place to start to determine if you need further testing or medical assistance beyond some of the common interventions completed by psychologists. Either would likely be able to help you greatly however, and even your primary care doctor can likely help by getting you pointed in the right direction and helping to assess how serious your problem is and how much it is affecting your life. Please speak with your doctor about your problem, and please work with him or her to get the help that you need.

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