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"What causes black blood after surgery?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes black blood after surgery?


Black blood coming from recent surgical wound.


Thanks for your question. Black blood is often a sign of a small amount of old blood that has clotted and is now coming out of the wound. These blood clots can be a sign that there is more bleeding in the wound, and this bleeding may require further treatment in some cases. In other situations, the blood can be older and just something that needed to come free during the healing process. Either way, you will need to speak with your surgeon about this question. He or she will likely need to speak with you further about the wound and the black blood that you have noted in order to know if there is more needs to be done at this time. In some situations, your surgeon may need to do what is known as a wound washout and may sometimes require another surgery. This will depend in large degree on where the wound is and what the potential risks of your surgery are. Given that some surgical wounds can become infected if there is a collection underneath the skin, it can be a good thing that this has happened, but please speak with your surgeon about this soon.

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