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"I am over 35 and 30 weeks pregnant. I found out a few weeks ago have gestational diabetes, should I be concerned?"

ZocdocAnswersI am over 35 and 30 weeks pregnant. I found out a few weeks ago have gestational diabetes, should I be concerned?


my question is my clinic is closed on the weekend but not er. i have been itching mainly at night is the worse. i noticed this morning my bms are a light grey. is that something to be concerened about or can it wait to call the clinic monday? havent noticed my eyes yellowing yet.


It's a little hard for me to know what exactly is going on. The symptoms of itching and grey bowel movements does sound concerning for some kind of obstruction of the bile ducts or some other hepatic process. Pregnant women are vulnerable to a condition called 'cholestasis of pregnancy', which means that the estrogen from the pregnancy slows down the movement of bile through the bile ducts and can cause symptoms of itching and jaundice. It is less likely to cause the grey stools that you describe, which is more concerning for an actual obstruction of the bile ducts. From the information you've given in your question it sounds like you are also concerned about this, which makes me wonder whether this is something that has come up before that you've already discussed with your doctors. If it has I would call the clinic and see if they have an after hours line through which you can get in touch with a member of the practice and discuss your symptoms and previous history. If this is new or if there is no way of getting in touch with anyone, I think it makes sense to go to the emergency room to get some basic tests done and make sure nothing serious is going on. All of this is probably separate from the gestational diabetes; this is also an important diagnosis that you should make sure you follow closely with your doctor.

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