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"What's a substitute for Androgel?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's a substitute for Androgel?


Liver test came back bad.


I am sorry to hear about your test results. I strongly encourage you to discuss this issue with a primary care physician. It is not possible to make a safe and accurate recommendation without knowing the full details of your medical history. Androgel is a testosterone supplement. Testosterone supplementation is extremely controversial, and the FDA is currently investigating its use. Many providers prescribe testosterone supplements in patients without testosterone deficiency. Additionally, there is little evidence that prescribing testosterone improves symptoms in patients. These supplements have significant side effects, including increased risk of heart disease and prostate cancer. I encourage you to raise these concerns with a primary care doctor. Your liver test results are also concerning. Liver disease can lead to hypogonadism, or decreased testosterone synthesis by your testicles, and this needs to be further investigated. Individuals with liver disease are at higher risk for many other complications, including intestinal bleeding, and I encourage you to raise these concerns with a primary care doctor. If your provider does diagnose you with severe testosterone deficiency and feels you would benefit from testosterone supplementation, there are many other forms of supplements beside androgel. Your doctor can help determine the most appropriate one for you given any potential other medical issues.

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