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"What's wrong with my ear?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's wrong with my ear?


I have a pain around the ear then sometime it goes up to the eye. But the eye does not hurt it just feels strange, like i have something in the eye. Sometimes i have a strange feeling on the cheek and the skin on My head hurts. Been to the doctor many time without result. Hope that you might have a small answer that i can go further with.


Thank you for your question. This does seem to be quite complicated and I recommend speaking with your doctor. Atypical facial pain or strange sensations when there is nothing physically noted to be causing them (paresthesias) are incredibly common, and somewhat frustrating for both doctors and patients. There are times that further information is needed than can be obtained with just a physical exam, and in those cases some testing such as a hearing test, vision tests, or even some sort of imaging like a CT scan or a MRI can be valuable to see if there is something more. If that is the case, then your doctor should be able to help you in ordering those tests if he or she feels that they are appropriate. Unfortunately, there are times that there is no clear diagnosis, and in some of those cases the cause is determined to be due to something such as trigeminal neuralgia (which is sometimes known as tic doloreux). This is a condition that can be difficult to treat with traditional therapies, but there are new techniques that are offering relief for many patients. Regardless of what is causing the symptoms that you are describing, your doctor should be able to help direct you, so please speak with your doctor.

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