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"I am feeling a kind of shrinking or like a thread stretching inside my right eye. What could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI am feeling a kind of shrinking or like a thread stretching inside my right eye. What could it be?


I have had bells palsy 11 years back and some times I feel twitching on my face, when m really tired or week, but I never had bells palsy towards the eye area, it was more around the smile n nose area. I thought I should tell you this fact, because I am guessing that the problem in my eye might be a sort of bells palsy relapse!!!!


I'm not entirely sure what is going on, which is part of the trouble with giving advice over the internet. Your symptom description is vague enough that I definitely think a trip to the primary care doctor is in order, especially if the symptoms worsen or persist. I have some general thoughts that can orient you a bit. First, twitching in the muscles of the face or of the eye is a fairly common complaint. Most of the time this is just from benign muscle fatigue (say, from straining over a computer screen all day long). One sign that this might be what is going on is if the symptoms are worse at the end of the day and are gone after a good night's sleep. There are also more concerning things that could be causing this, and if you have any rash on the face or nose, any blurry vision or pain in the eye, or any pain, then those would all be reasons to seek more immediate evaluation by your primary care doctor or your eye doctor. Also, Bell's palsy can definitely recur in a minority of patients, and this can happen even many years after the initial episode. So if have any recurrent facial weakness or trouble closing the eye - like you may have had with the first attack - then you should definitely see your doctor about this right away as well.

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