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"Does smoking cause a tumor on your bladder?"

ZocdocAnswersDoes smoking cause a tumor on your bladder?


went to urologist and he said I have a tumor on my bladder.


I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your urologist. If your doctor told you that you have a tumor on your bladder, he or she might have meant that you have a tumor in your bladder. Bladder cancer which is also called transitional cell carcinoma or urothelial cell carcinoma is a disease of the inside of the bladder or the lower urinary tract. These cancers are very often associated with smoking. Usually they are diagnosed when somebody is found to have blood in the urine for an unknown reason. A cystoscopy, which is a procedure where scope is placed up the urethra, is used to visually see the cancer and to perform a biopsy. A biopsy is important to determine the extent of the disease which then helps select treatment options. Limited disease can be treated with BCG or other non-systemic chemotherapy agents to help control growth of the tumor. Again, I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your urologist for further conversations about your issues. Bladder cancer is something that can be controlled for many years without chemotherapy depending on how extensive the disease is. In any event, if you have not quit smoking yet, this is something you should work on to reduce your risk of further bladder cancer and/or lung cancer which are both common in smokers.

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