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"Will tinnitus go away? What should I do?"


I went to a club 2 nights ago that had really loud music, now i have tinnitus and it wont stop. Will this go away and what should i do.


Tinnitus can be intolerable so it is important that you speak with your doctor. It can be especially common following exposure to loud noises such as gunshots, loud concerts, and other such activities. While it is not quite en vogue to wear ear plugs to such events, it is recommended.

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Unfortunately, that advice is almost uniformly disregarded until the morning after. The unfortunate fact is that there is no quick fix to improve the tinnitus after it starts. There are things that can be done to calm the mind and distract attention from the ringing in the ears, but it is not something that we can give a medication to make it go away completely. The good news is that this sort of this does generally tend to improve over time if it is a short lived exposure, and most people don't have long term side effects from a very short exposure such as you describe. If your tinnitus is asymmetric or pulsates, these could be signs that there is something more to your tinnitus than routine noise exposure. Additionally, if you have hearing loss, dizziness, or other concerns, speaking with your doctor in a timely fashion could help to improve your long term outcome. Please speak with your doctor.

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