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"Do I have a genital infection?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have a genital infection?


I'm a 15 years old, have never had sex before, and I want to ask if I'm having a fungal infection or not! Yesterday, I was just taking a shower, when I looked down on my penis and found out that's it looked a little bit pale. I had a better look and found out that the skin under my penis is darker and paler compared to every other parts of my body. Also, the vein under my penis foreskin and my testicles turned a lot darker. A few days ago I also have a rash on my testicles too. I scratched it, thinking it was nothing to bad. But now it has stopped and I don't feel any itching or pain now... Please help me!!! I would really appreciate it if you could help.


I am sorry to hear that you are worried about the pallor of the skin on your penis, and that the skin underneath your penis is a little darker compared with the skin elsewhere on your body. I would recommend that you see either your primary care physician (like a family practice doctor) or a urologist.Also that you had a rash recently on your testicles, and you are worried that you might have a genital infection. I am happy to give you some general information, but ultimately I am going to recommend that you make an appointment to be evaluated by a physician. This is because, while you have given me some information, I am not able to take a thorough history and examine you which is necessary to get an accurate diagnosis. Again, I would recommend that you see either your primary care physician (like a family practice doctor) or a urologist. It is not uncommon during the adolescent years as you are going through puberty for the skin on your genitalia to change color and become more pigmented. This is due to significant hormonal changes that you taking place at that time in your life. A rash however, is not part of that process, and if it does not resolve, then you should get it looked at. A fungal infection is one cause of a rash, but there are many other, which is why a rash that is persistent is with getting checked out. Best of luck.

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