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"How to produce more pigmentation?"

ZocdocAnswersHow to produce more pigmentation?


I had a scab then it fell off on my arm, after a week or so I had a small spot of brown pigmentation inside but it has not covered the wound there is still some pink skin, it's been 2 months, what can I use to get more pigmentation


Thank you for your question regarding wound healing and skin pigmentation. I recommend that you discuss this further with your doctor. One of the most amazing things that our bodies are able to do is heal a wound. After sustaining a cut or a scrape, our skin begins to lay down new collagen that acts to close up the wound. Next it will form granulation tissue, better known as a scab, over the wound area. This scab protects the wound and allows new skin cells to grow underneath. Skin cells, or keratinocytes, will lay down new sheets of skin layer by layer. As unsightly as the scab might look, and as tempting as it may be to pull it off, it is best to leave a scab alone until it begins to fall off naturally. This is because the scab protects the new, delicate skin that is regrowing underneath. Once a scab falls off, the skin may look pink and thin. This is because it is still in the early stages of growing back. Although it may seem like you would want the area to become darker, it is very important not to increase sun exposure to the area. Always, always wear sunscreen to protect the area of new skin. Exposing it to UV radiation will only cause the area to scar and become even more noticeable. Apply sunscreen liberally to the area and be patient, as it will take the body time before the skin will develop a more natural color. However, remember that this is an area of new skin, so it may not ever look quite as dark as the surrounding skin, especially if it is an area of your body that has seen a good deal of sun all its life. Again, please talk to you doctor regarding your question and if you have additional concerns.

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