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"I feel dizzy and lightheaded and have bathroom problems, are they related?"

ZocdocAnswersI feel dizzy and lightheaded and have bathroom problems, are they related?


So I've always felt tired because I have irregular sleeping patterns but recently I have felt dizzy too. After getting sick (cold symptoms but no fever) this dizzy (lightheaded , no vertigo) feeling increased and I have to breath /deeply/ to feel better. I am more irritable too. In addition I found a small light pink dot of blood on my toilet paper a few times but its really really tiny and light. When I "go" I go fine at first but after defecating for the first few seconds I have to sit there a few minutes because its almost like it gets 'stuck' . I do not think I'm constipated since I go at least 2-3 times a day and it may be do to the fact I do not eat regularly (I am trying to fix this but rest assured I do eat at least twice a day and I always drink a lot of water). Are the two (dizzy and bathroom problems) related?? The only medicine I am on is generic Zoloft. Please help its hard to do school work when I feel like I can't keep my head on straight.


Thank you for your question. There are many different explanations for the symptoms that patients have, but the key is to find the most likely and actual cause, so it is important to speak with your doctor. Physicians often use Occam's razor to help, which is a line of thinking that says that the simplest answer is often correct, implying that one unifying diagnosis of all the different symptoms is often the cause. So if you go to your doctor with the symptoms you describe, he or she will try to think of potential disease processes or explanations that could link all of them together. To do this, he or she will use labwork, imaging, and other tests as needed to make sure that they are narrowing the list of possible answers to arrive at the one true cause. Constipation can certainly cause or be related to all of the problems that you describe. Additionally, other problems with maldigestion or even blood in your stool could link to possible solutions and explanations. Unfortunately, without more information and a physical exam, all that I can say is that there could be a relation between the various symptoms. Please speak with your doctor to make sure that you get the right answer.

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