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"What are some symptoms of depression? "

ZocdocAnswersWhat are some symptoms of depression?


i have been feeling so blaa... i have been feeling so nauseous everyday in school all day everyday, i havent been having my period, i find it hard to sleep and my hair keeps on falling out


I am sorry that you are not feeling 100%. I recommend that you discuss this concern with your physician. The symptoms for depression are broad but they can be narrowed down to a a mneumonic called SIGECAPS. SIGECAPS stand for sleep, interest, guilt, energy, concentration, appetite, psychomotor agitation, suicidal ideation. If you experience any problems in the above categories, it may be a sign that you may be experiencing clinical depression. People often have difficulty sleeping, or sleeping too much. Young adults especially teenagers have difficulty initiating sleep. People with depression also have decrease interest in activities that that they use to enjoy doing. People often also have symptoms of feeling guilty about something. People can also have decreased energy levels. People also can't fully concentrate on a task. People can have decreased appetite though younger adults often have increased appetites. People often also have signs of mentally agitated or you can't sit still. Lastly, if you have thoughts about suicide, you need to tell someone, and go to the ED as soon as possible. It sounds like you are a young adult who is in college. Your symptoms could also be signs of stress. In addition to seeing a physician, you can also try to create a regular sleeping schedule, exercising, and eating a balanced diet. These will help you deal with stress.

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