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"I had a CT scan and a MRI and was told I had a brain aneurysm, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI had a CT scan and a MRI and was told I had a brain aneurysm, what should I do?


I have been having blurred vision dizziness and headaches


So sorry to hear about this problem. The correct answer is that you should keep working with your doctor to determine what the next best plan of action should be. Brain aneurysms are abnormalities in the blood vessels inside of your brain. Obviously, as the brain is a closed structure, this is problematic because if it bleeds the blood has nowhere to go. Additionally, this bleeding can cause more swelling that can lead to other serious problems. Your current symptoms could very well stem from the aneurysm, but it is not clear from your question if that is the case. If your aneurysm is causing symptoms, then you may wish to discuss with your doctor the need to address the aneurysm. Depending on the size and the location, there are multiple methods to address these problems. Aneurysms can be treated medically (although this is less perfect in most people), surgically, or through other interventions. Each method has pros and cons, and each has some risks. None of the answers is perfect for most people, and these can be quite concerning. Please speak with your doctor and likely a neurosurgeon for more information and to discuss what your next step should be.

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