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"Missed a pill and took sugar pill instead by mistake, what are the risks?"

ZocdocAnswersMissed a pill and took sugar pill instead by mistake, what are the risks?


On saturday i missed an active pill and accidentally took a sugar pill instead. I had intercourse on this night. On sunday night i realised this and took two that night. Saturday was the second to last active pill of the pack, i want to know wat risk i have and want measures i need to take?


Thank you for your question regarding your hormonal birth control pills. I recommend that you speak with your doctor. It can definitely be confusing to keep track of taking a pill everyday, and even more confusing when a pill or two becomes missed in the process. When one pill has been missed, two can be taken the next day to compensate. As in your situation, since you missed a pill on Saturday, you can take that missed pill on Sunday along with your regularly scheduled Sunday pill. When you miss taking two birth control pills, the two can be taken separately on consecutive days. For example, if you missed Saturday and Sunday pills, you can take the Saturday pill along with your Monday regularly scheduled pill (total of 2 pills) and then on Tuesday you can take your missed Sunday pill along with your regularly scheduled Tuesday pill (again a total of 2 pills). This is usually the maximum number of missed pills that you can compensate for in a safe manner. Therefore, you do not need to take any measures to avoid pregnancy for your particular situation, as you correctly took the missed pill on the next day. Again, if you have any further questions, please speak with your doctor.

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