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"What could cause pain in my left thigh?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could cause pain in my left thigh?


Pain is on the "inside" of my leg, started a few hours ago. It's a dull pain, comes and goes depending on my position (sitting/standing/laying down).


Pain located in this location can be caused by lots of different medical conditions, and therefore I think the best thing to do will be to call your primary care doctor, especially if the pain worsens or persists, as a physical examination will be needed to narrow down the potentially causes. The most likely possibility, statistically speaking, would be a pulled or sore muscle on the inner thigh, which could be from vigorous exercise, heavy lifting, or similar activities. Another possibility would be arthritis or some other condition causes inflammation in the hip joint. Problems with the hip joint often will cause pain that is referred into the inner thigh down towards the knee. Kidney stones can often cause pain that starts in the lower back but then radiates down into the groin and the inner thigh. This pain is often quite severe and cramping in nature and may be associated with blood or burning with urination. In males, a condition caused testicular torsion is a very serious condition which cuts off blood supply to one testicle. There is usually severe pain in the scrotum, but this may also be perceived to radiate to the inner thigh. Call and make an appointment with your doctor!

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