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"Forgot birth control, should I take a morning pill?"

ZocdocAnswersForgot birth control, should I take a morning pill?


I forgot to take my birthcontrol pill three nights ago, I caught up the day before yesterday as directed. What I'm concerned of is my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex last night. I've never missed a pill before and am curious if running out and getting a morning after pill Is worth it or is it not as major of a thing and I am just paranoid? It's a week and a half out from my period.


I recommend that you speak with your primary care doctor or OBGYN. Generally speaking, I think that if you truly desire not to be pregnant, you should probably consider going and getting the morning after pill. The reason for this is that even missing one pill can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Now certainly this chance is not extremely high, but it happens every day. The pill, if taken exactly as prescribed, has roughly a 99% effectiveness. However, because it is not taken as prescribed, its effectiveness is lower. When we know that people have missed the pill, the effectiveness can decrease to as little as 75%. Now this is still somewhere around the effectiveness of condoms, but I would say that if pregnancy is truly not desired, the morning after pill is probably the best way to go. For questions regarding this issue, I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or your OB/GYN, whoever you are most comfortable talking about this issue. Given the fact that you are a week and a half away from your period, you did have sex during the time close to ovulation if you were to have ovulated during the cycle. Again, most likely you did not, but to be safe you should be checked out and be given advice from your physicians.

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