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If I haven't gotten my period after 4 months of removing Mirena, could I be pregnant?

Its been 4 months that I removed mirena IUD and still havent gotten my perio and when I removed it they sd it would only take a month or 2, im wondering if I could be pregnant or if I could be something else?
You could be pregnant and it is important that you should speak with your healthcare provider about your question, because pregnancy can be one of the causes of a delayed period. Of course, it is also quite possible that you are not pregnant but are simply having a delayed onset of your normal menstrual cycle, which can be a variation of normal in some women. Regardless, the length of time that has passed indicates that you should speak with your healthcare provider about what the different possibilities are and what you should do next. He or she may feel that it is appropriate to take another pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant, as this is quick, simple, and will yield valuable information. The Mirena intrauterine device is a powerful tool to prevent unwanted pregnancy, and is among the most effective means of preventing pregnancy. Many doctors encourage the use of Mirena or other IUDs in some women who don't want to become pregnant because of how effective they are relative to other means. They can also be quite low maintenance. As with any medical therapy, however, their use and even the time after they have been used should be followed closely. Please speak with your doctor.
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