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I have pain in my right testicle and right tendon in lower abdomen, what could it be?

I do heavy lifting at work
Please speak with your primary care doctor to have your symptoms evaluated. You have right sided lower abdomen pain and right testicle pain. You also mention that you do heavy lifting at work. Men are susceptible to hernias due to the structure of the male anatomy. With age, the layers of the abdominal wall such as the fascia can become weaker. With heavy lifting, it causes increased intra abdominal pressures which can cause an out-pouching of the fascia, layers of the abdomen, which leads to a hernia, which can contain parts of the colon. There are several types of hernias. One type can cause a hernia that extends into the scrotal region which can cause testicular discomfort. Another possibility of a right sided abdominal pain is an appendicitis. A person can start with pain in the periumbilical region and the pain can migrate to the right lower abdomen if the appendicitis ruptures. It is usually associated with fevers. Another possibility is a urinary tract infection. Another possibility is a kidney stone. You should see your primary care doctor to have your symptoms evaluated. They can simple do a physical exam to ensure that you do not have a hernia. They can also test your urine to ensure that you do not have any signs of infection.
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