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"Is my cbc and miscellaneous tests normal?"

ZocdocAnswersIs my cbc and miscellaneous tests normal?


im male 22 years old RBCs Count 4.38 Hemoglobin 13.5 Hematocrit ( HCT ) 36.6 MCV 83.6 MCH 30.8 MCHC 36.9 T.Leucocytic Count 6.300 Platelet Count 216.000 Neutrophils 55% Lymphocytes 43% Monocytes 1% Eosinophils 1% Basophils 0% ____ serum creatinine 1.2 SGPT 31 SGOT 24 serum bilirubin 0.8 s.uric acid 4.7


Thank you for your question about the results of your lab work. Typically, when receiving the results of blood work such as your complete blood count (CBC), there will be reference ranges that will let you know whether the values that you have fall within a normal range. These reference ranges can vary slightly from lab to lab, therefore it is important to compare the results of your lab work with the number ranges that correspond to the laboratory where it was analyzed. I would contact your doctor to obtain the documentation, including reference ranges, of your recent testing; he or she can also speak with you about any specific concerns you may have. Overall, I do not see anything particularly concerning with your lab work. Your CBC can give clues as to whether you may be anemic, have an infection, or a blood disorder which disrupts your ability to clot. The values that were reported as percentages describe the amount of different types of white blood cells that you have. Finally, it looks like you also had your liver enzymes checked, which can give clues to signs of inflammation or infection within the liver. Again, talk to your doctor if there was a specific concern or reason for obtaining this blood work.

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